Up ! Virtual Technical Machine

Content of Up ! Virtual Technical Machine

Up ! Virtual Technical Machine is the solution to deploy and make run your functional or technical applications while making abstraction of the architecture targeted and the technologies used.

Up ! Archive
Up ! Electronic Data Interchange
Up ! Kernel
Up ! Mathematical
Up ! Modules Manager
Up ! Natural Language Support
Up ! Network
Up ! Object Management System
Up ! Object Request Broker
Up ! Query
Up ! Security Manager
Up ! Server
Up ! System
Up ! Terminal

Archiving files, folders and other resources.
Generic driver to interchange data.
Types and base services.
Mathematics and scientific computing.
Manager of component-based modules.
Generic network driver.
Objects database management system.
Objects broadcasting and remote calls.
Interaction with a relational database.
Habilitations, quotas and encryptation.
Server of business modules.
Macintosh, Unix, Windows and Z/Os operating system drivers.
Window-based console independent from the graphical system.

Drivers to Interchange Data

All of the business or technical components may automatically export or import their data independently from their internal modelling. Planning of your system is secure by this way.

The handled formats are the following:

Up ! Comma Separated Value
Up ! Edi for Administration, Commerce and Transport
Up ! Sap IDoc
Up ! Record File
Up ! eXtended Markup Language
Csb format.
Edifact format.
IDoc format.
Format of records of fields.
Xml format.

Networking Services

All of the business or technical modules may expose their objects or their properties through some networking services. Moreover, by reciprocity, they may use these services to build their objects or their properties:

The handled formats are the following:

Up ! File Transfer Service
Up ! Content Service
Up ! Mail Service
Up ! Directory Service
Copying files through the Ftp standard.
Accessing to resources through the Http standard.
Sending or receiving electronic mails through the Imap, Pop and Smtp standards.
Consulting a directory through the Ldap standard.

Drivers to Communicate

All of the business of technical components may be gathered on a same computer - server or desktop - or may be broadcasted across the network of your firm.

Here are the communication standards we handle:

Up ! Microsoft Network
Up ! Named Pipes
Up ! Transmission Control Protocol
Msn network driver.
Named Pipes network driver.
Tcp-Ip network driver.

HyperText Markup Protocol (HTTP) Front-Ends

When Up ! Application System is used as a content server, it is possible to use some third-party HyperText Markup Protocol (HTTP) front-ends.

Here are the Internet, Intranet or Extranet servers we support :

Up ! Apache
Up ! Microsoft Internet Information Server
Apache Server front-end.
Internet Information Server from Microsoft front-end.

Drivers for Relational Data Sources

All business objects are saved into one or more relational data sources for which transactions are synchronized by Up ! Object Management System.

Here are the engines we support:

Up ! Db2
Up ! Max Db
Up ! Microsoft Sql Server
Up ! My Sql
Up ! Odbc
Up ! Oracle
Up ! PostgreSQL
Driver for Db2 from Ibm.
Driver for Max Db from Sap.
Driver for Sql Server from Microsoft.
Driver for My Sql.
Driver for Odbc.
Driver for Oracle.
Driver for PostgreSQL.

Cultural Choice

All of the modules and the business or technical components are available in the following languages:

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