Up ! Software Development Kit

Content of Up ! Software Development Kit

Up ! Software Development Kit is the solution to consolidate or to build quickly new bricks of your IT infrastructure while mastering your projects.

Up ! 5GL
Up ! 5GL Generator
Up ! C / C++ Generator
Up ! Compiler
Up ! Debugger
Up ! Document Generator
Up ! Parser
Up ! Profiler
Up ! Script Engine
Up ! Shell
Up ! Translator
Up ! 5GL Fifth Generation Language.
Up ! 5GL code generator.
C / C++ code generator.
Bi-directional and high-leveled compiler.
Symbolic debugger for Up ! 5GL.
Help tool to produce documents.
Dynamic lexical and syntax parser.
Performance and use profiler.
Scripts engine for Up ! 5GL.
Interpreter for interactive commands in Up ! 5GL.
Help tool to translate.

Adaptors to Integrate Services

All of the business or technical components may have their definitions automatically exposed in third-party technologies. Moreover, all of the already-made developments with one of these technologies can be become automatically a business or technical component for Up ! 5GL.

Here are the technologies we handle:

Up ! Advanced Business Applications Programming
Up ! Component Object Module
Up ! Common Object Request Broker Architecture
Up ! Java
Up ! Programming Language / Structured Query Language
Up ! Simple Object Activation Protocol
Abap from Sap adaptor for Up ! 5GL.
Microsoft Com adaptor for Up ! 5GL.
Corba adaptor for Up ! 5GL.
Java adaptor for Up ! 5GL.
Pl/Sql adaptor for Up ! 5GL.
Soap adaptor for Up ! 5GL.