The Solution Designed for Your Business

Up ! Virtual Business Machine is the solution to consolidate or to build quickly your information system in order to make it correspond to the uniqueness of your business. This offer is based on:

A business interface is independent of:

Up ! Application System is the software base allowing operating these business components in order to quickly profit of all the benefits delivered by the application system.

The objective is no to redo the parts of the information system that fit your needs
and that were an important investment for your firm.

Business Process Integration (BPI)

The objective is to adapt and to consolidate the existing of your information systems
through surgical, light and strongly value-added projects.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

The interest is to offer a business piloting that will secure an efficient and sustainable value
for all the stakeholders.

From Where Are Coming Business Components?

In a client-supplier point of view, the business component delivers its services to clients that are unknown first, services corresponding to the contract that represents the business interface. This last one gathers thus: The business component is small software that comes from either:

In comparison with the value chain, the repartition of components is the following:

The business object is an instance of an business interface created by a particular business component. For example, it is the telecom client - business interface - named Dupont - business object - created by a Siebel's functionality - business component.

The behavior of the business component is fully piloted by the business expertise rules that are modeling your unique know how, which is allowing melting it into your processes and your corporate culture.

How to Recover the Existing?

The technology of Up ! Application System allows exposing the business interfaces in order to easily integrate the business components into the general and logical plan of the information system of the firm. This exposure is handled through the following axis:

How to Recover the Existing?

The technology of Up ! Application System allows recovering the definition of the existing information systems when the ones are written in one of the following standards: At worst, it is possible to directly exploit the data of the IT systems with the use of Up ! Workbench, Up ! 5GL and Up ! Compiler.

Once the existing technically recovered, Up ! Workbench allows realizing the matching between the technical definitions and the business definitions of the business interface. The data mapping allows coming back to the business modeling.

How to Proceed with a Project?

Discover the handling of a project with Up ! Application System while consulting the following themes:

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