Executive Summary

Alignment of the Information System of Large Firms on their Strategy.
Reinforcement of their Competitive Advantages and Defense of their Culture.


Application system based on business components to consolidate existing information system of large firms - Up ! Application System.

Benefits for the clients:

Business Development of the Strategic Activities

Incremental development by strategic activities and by geographic areas such as France, Europe, English speaking countries and Asia.

Business Model of the Strategic Activities

The structure of the turnover is the following: The sell is direct in France and indirect abroad. The integration projects are realized by partners.

Business Plan

Key FiguresValue
Horizon of the operational equilibrium.3 years.
Horizon of the financial equilibrium.4 years.
Size of the targeted market, France only.More than 4,5 billions Euros.
Size of the reachable market, France only.More than 700 millions Euros.
Yearly turnover at equilibrium, France only.15 millions Euros.
Total of capital engaged, France only.5 millions Euros.
Valorization of the portfolio of companies after five years.30 millions Euros.
Return on equity after taxes at five years.Plus de 50%.
Price-Earning ratio when stable.16,25.
Market to Book when stable.3,5.
Projected staff, France only.More than 50.
Forecasted introduction to stock exchange.7 years.

Financial Plan

Subscription Lines over Three YearsAmount
Subvention helping Applied Research.0,5 millions Euros.
Opening 20% of the capital, in two rounds, over several investors.2 millions Euros.
Convertibles bonds such as Océane, return of 8% per year, maturity of five years.2,5 millions Euros.

Project Manager

DUVAL Jean-Pierre - CEO / CTO - jp.duval@up-comp.com.

Ensimag - National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (INPG) - France.
Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) - EM Lyon - France.

10 years experience in the software industry for large firms in France and abroad.