Professional Services to Favor the Success of Your Projects

We can offer you customized services to accompany you into the design, the sep up, the operation and the maintenance of the information system based on Up ! Application System.

These services are delivered by consultants coming from either:

In order to deliver you a regular and high-quality service, every counterpart is specifically educated into Up ! Company for the missions they take, what is recognized by a certification. Moreover, their competencies are periodically update.


Our daily consulting offer is the following:


Our education offer delivered in inter firm through small modules is the following:

For every project, we add a transfer of competencies towards your teams in charge of maintaining the information system.


Of maintaining offer is the following:

Pay once, use ever !

Included into the maintaining contract, you can benefit without any further fee and on a simple ask of yourself:

  • Corrections, evolutions, porting and technical migration tools for any licenses of tools, modules or drivers of Up ! Virtual Technical Machine that you bought.

  • Corrections, evolutions, porting and application migration tools for any licenses of components of Up ! Virtual Business Machine that you bought.


Our operating offer is the following:


Our hosting offer is the following: