Selling Model

Particularities of Up ! Application System

Our positioning is to allow large firms aligning the information system on their corporate strategy.

Up ! Application System allows to deciding people making the following choices in order to easily and quickly tune their entrepreneurial tool:

Depending on the opportunities and the threats of its environment to which the firm reacts, there is the possibility to reconfigure its application system either at the level of an application or at the level of some business components. The firm is thus more reactive without starting long and costly projects that are sometimes old-fashioned at the time of the delivering is running.

There is no correlation between the definition of the business, which is stable in time, since it results from the strategic planning of the firm and its culture, and the particular setting-up of the business, which is instable in time, since it is jeopardized by arising events from environment.

Selling Model Chose By Vertical Software Vendors

The selling model of most of business application software vendor are the following: This selling model is old-fashioned for the following reasons: This strategy that is not a win-win one implies over expenses on the long-term and strong constraints for the client and a loose on the potential of catching value for the vendor on long term.

Selling Model Chose By Up ! Company

The selling model chose by Up ! Company is different since we have as a principle to share the value created while setting up Up ! Application System in a long-term-oriented win-win way.

Here is the principle:

It exists two independent versioning, a technical one for Up ! Virtual Technical Machine to follow technologies and a functional one for Up ! Virtual Business Machine to follow the state of art in the business lines.

These two versioning are dependant, which allow you choosing the version upgrade or not according to your IT policy and tour real needs.

The change to one of the two versions is possible with just a simple call for any licenses that you have already bought and that are include in the global maintaining contract.