This synthesis also gathers some comments delivered while interviewing and not registered in the previous tables.

Existence of a Market

Up ! Application System is a promising project since it attracts 54% of the participants. 76% of interviewed actors claim a favorable opinion for the following reasons: Albeit the defaults of each young and innovative solutions - lack of trust for the feasibility, reliability and stability of the first versions, etc. -, it exists some others exceptions that we must raise: The potential of the functional application of Up ! Application System would be large since it includes the support activities, the core business ones and the ones in touch with the suppliers or the clients. Some participants would foresee a technical application, out of the perimeter of this survey since it is dedicated to Up ! Virtual Technical Machine and not to Up ! Virtual Business Machine.

Segmenting and Sizing the Market

Up ! Application System is targeting the firms for which the IT staff is upper than 50 employees. There are two large macro-segments for which the promise of value is different: A promise of value is also common to the two segments: "To be a source of operational efficiency." By easing the communication of information ou by enabling a better economical piloting.

Targeting the Market

A first possible application, which would be generic whatever the business lines we studied, is Micro-marketing: This application is crossing: A second possible application is the optimization of the use of the industrial assets through the offers, which is also called Yield Management. It is crossing the sales, production and reporting activities.

The first business modeling will have to include these five mandatory pillars: