Difference Between Up ! Application System and Other Solutions

In Comparison With Generic Vertical Software

Up ! Application System is not generic vertical software to be set parameters and to be integrated.

Up ! Application System is at the crossing of operating systems, object-oriented database management system, technical software and application software.

Up ! Application System is a transversal application dedicated to designing / realizing / integrating / deploying / maintaining process and parameters setting / using / operating process for business applications.

Up ! Application System is based on the most modern and famous software and techniques that it integrates automatically.

In Comparison With Specific Developments

Building an application with Up ! Application System is not realizing a specific development in green field. The plan of building an application is the following:

The business components that are setting up the business interfaces are coming from either:

In Comparison With Technical Platforms

Up ! Application System is not a technical platform that is proposing a new norm such as Microsoft .NET with Com+ or Java with Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE).

Up ! Application System is not dedicated to a particular architecture of programs - thin-client for example - or to a particular family of programs - human-machine interfaces for example - without including the others.

Up ! Application System is not an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as Visual Studio or WebShere Application Design (WSAD).

Up ! Application System is built around: