Frequently Asked Questions

How To Set Up Up ! Application System With an Existing?

Up ! Application System is designed to collaborate with your existing applications by two means:

Up ! Application System allows an incremental evolution of the information system.

How the Processes Are Taken Into Account?

The processes are described while functional designing stage realized in common with the Work Prime Organizer (WPO). They are out of the business components. No particular process is taken into account in the core of a component.

The interfaces of business objects admit only the status according to the state of art. For example, for an invoice, there is a "standard status" with the values "to do", "sent", "settled" or "canceled". It is also possible:

The running of a process consists to make flowing information between business components and to change the values of status. The status change is a particular action taken into account when designing the functional integration to build human-machine interfaces or batch programs.

How the Profiles Are Taken Into Account?

The profiles are described while the stage of functional design realized in common with the Work Prime Organizer (WPO). They are out of business components.

Each component is used in a client-supplier relation inside a particular profile set up by the caller. Before each creation, each reading, each modification, each deleting of an information, each computing, the corresponding habilitation is verified by Up ! Virtual Business Machine, either globally or locally to a business object.

For an application, the user has a view on it according to his signed-on profile:

The designers, the checkers, the administrators, the operators and the seizing people have particular profiles. It is possible to create as many profiles as necessary.

How the Business Rules Are Influencing the Business Components?

The business rules influence the business components through different ways:

The business rules can also be employed for the functional integration of these components, which allows parameter setting and centralizing the behavior of the processes and the profiles.