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Organization of the Site

The organization of the site is the following:

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Style Sheet

The text of pages beholds at most four levels of titles, one color by level and a progressive indent from left to right. The objective is to ease your reading.

The titles of paragraphs are written into the Title in relief style, which allows you a quick reading.

The names, the trade marks or the technical terms are written in Term in relief style to be detached from the rest of the sentences. In case of an abbreviation, a link allows to jump directly on the glossary to ease you its understanding.

The pages are voluntary sober in order not to make you tired while reading and to be printed.


All information available on this site is a free translation of the French version that you can consult at www.up-comp.com/france.

It is as it is and may behold some different interpretations, even mistakes. Only the original version written in French is genuine.

Any trade marks quoted on this site are the property of their respective owners.

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